Don't Forget: We The People

"It's not the end of the world until it's the end of the world." President Obama

We The People love disruption. Disruptive technology, music, spicy sun salutes: we don't much like to change our own behavior but if someone else breaks the mold? We're interested. We're into it. This election wasn't much different. Trump distorted schemas, what we knew to be true.

We The People have work to do now. I screwed up. I fell asleep at the wheel. I made this a gender rights issue, when it was more about the people who felt left behind. Many of you did, too. So now,

We The People have to keep each other honest. Not just our elected officials - each other. Do your thing but talk to people who do different things, too. If we're all in this together we better act like it.

"Look at the voters, not the man they put in office." Bob Lefsetz

We The People stay respectful. If you can't talk nicely, don't talk at all. If you're angry - go yoga. Sleep. Run. Scream. Come back when you can have an adult conversation. Again: conversation, creativity... the roots of progress!

We The People should remember that comedy is the best policy. Trump is a public servant now. This is laughable, and a little scary, so don't forget that...

We The People are citizens and constituents and consumers: we can influence policy and power with our dollars, votes, protests and truths. We missed the mark on this one - time to level up.